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About Us

Get Staffed is a New Zealand-owned and operated business, which has been motivated by innovative thinking within the field of staffing and recruitment. We provide solutions to the issues businesses have been facing in finding skilled, qualified employees.

Our strategy is based on Business Process Outsourcing where our clients delegate specific non-core business functions to us. Our personal approach and remarkable culture coupled with our expertise ensures a seamless transition and exceptional results for all clients.


What We Do

We lead you to the right candidates
“we help companies offload their back-office or non-core activities by providing access to its highly skilled and cost-effective outsourced workforce.”
Lance HohneckOutsourcing Manager

We provide BPO Solutions to diverse industries within New Zealand. Our clients benefit from a wider resource pool, skilled candidates, and minimal-risk long term staffing solutions. They can focus on what they do best while we find the perfect staff member for their business. Combining good culture and expertise, using a personable approach to each customer is one of the core values that sets us apart.

Our number one asset is the ability to provide a wider resource pool, of highly skilled people, resulting in long-term/minimal-risk staffing solutions.


Services - BPO Solutions

Build your Outsourced Team with our expertise, guidance and support.
Besides hiring the right talent, Get Staffed will also provide the infrastructure and resources they need to fulfil their roles within your company. Although your outsourced staff work remotely and require minimal supervision, they reside under your direct control so that you manage their work as needed.

How It Works

Client Briefing and Proposal Review
Share your business needs and objectives with us, including the industry, expertise, timeline, qualifications, and other important details. We will provide a complete proposal for your review and approval. Ensuring transparency in terms of costs and deliverables, along with eliminating any worry about local regulatory hurdles.
Talent Sourcing and Team Selection
Our team will carefully browse through our pool of applicants to enlist only the best-fit talent for your team. E-meet the pre-qualified team and hand-pick your squad, ensuring that you have full control over the final selection.
Onboarding and Business Development
During the team's onboarding, you'll be in control of the systems and operations, with our support and guidance in the background. We will source the necessary training and resources, to ensure the continuous growth and development of your team.

Why Get Staffed

Get Staffed is here to take your staffing troubles away

The demand for quality, hard-working staff in New Zealand has increased over the past several years and we are here to help businesses achieve success through exceptional service and cost-effective talent. We are unique in terms of our offer, expertise, culture, personal approach and flexible in our tailored solution.

What Get Staffed offers
Advertisements, candidate screening, and shortlisting
Arrangement of interviews for the short-listed staff
Full on-boarding and integration set-up
4-month trial period for the candidate (with a 2-week cancellation fee)
Ethical codes of conduct
Personal interaction with your candidate like you would your own staff
HR service covered. Inclusive of 3-month, 6-month, and annual reviews.
Flexible working arrangements

Your goals are specific to your business. We believe the path to get there should be too.


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